Friday, January 22, 2021

Probus Club of Gravenhurst


 Welcome to the Gravenhurst Probus Club


located in the Gateway to Muskoka!


You've found your way to the website of the largest Probus Club in Muskoka.


N.B.: IF your email address is on the, some of our membership email updates are not getting to you. I have tried to get Cogeco's technical support team to green light the membership list messages, but to no avail. 


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Until further notice, all meetings and social events have been  cancelled.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please check with event convenors prior to any scheduled event that the event is indeed taking place. We strongly recommend that no events take place given the current government guidelines regarding social distancing. Keep yourself and your friends healthy.


Are you a probus member in need of non-emergency assistance? Send an email to



IF YOU ARE TRAVELLING with travellers insurance, you may want to verify with the carrier if you must return home under the current conditions.


For "Probus" insurance with Johnson Insurance, see




Still not sure about social distancing? Read This, please


N.B.: If you want to get emailed updates from the club, you must sign into the website and register for email notifications as outlined in the new member package you received on getting your badge.


As required by Canadian law, you must request to be subscribed to the email distribution list. You are NOT automatically added to the distribution list when you join the club.




We meet the third Tuesday of every month at the Gravenhurst Opera House at 10:00 a.m..




 Our meetings feature a broad range of guest speakers and topics covering history, literature, travel, business, health, the arts and current events.


In addition to our monthly meetings, many of our 275+ members participate in various Activity Interest Groups throughout the year. Social outings to sporting events, theatre, restaurants, field trips and much more augment our club activities and offer safe comfortable excursions for our members.




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Canada Day - 150




Gravenhurst Probus - 15 Year Anniversary































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